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We pick up and deliver dry cleaning or laundry. We can deliver all over the United States.
For pick up, call us before 10 AM.. .or drop off your garments... they will be ready for pick up or delivery that evening.
Tower accepts all major credit cards, bank cards, personal checks and even cash. On delivered COD's, we strongly suggest that you give us a charge card number. This allows us to deliver, even if no one is home.
Our master tailors are able to customize a totally new garment to your specification or alter or remodel your favorite exiting ones.
By appointment, one will come to your home to discuss and measure you for any requirement that you might have.*

*Not available in L.I.C. store.
Call 212-986-2400
$75.00 min. order

Your garments will be immediately cleaned and boxed with moth repellant. When you call we will deodorize them, press and deliver them to you as fresh as the day you bought them...we are fully insured.

Your valuable furs, leathers & suedes are secured in climate controlled vaults. Proper humidity and temperature keep the skins supple. Our insurance coverage is up to $10,000.00. Additional coverage is available at $2.00 per $1,000.00.

When needed our high tech deoxidization system will eliminate any unpleasant or unwanted odors that have impregnated your garments. Including acrid smoke and water caused mildew. All seasonal & fur storage are deodorized at no extra cost.

Any small spot or area that has been discolored or faded by unknown reason, chemicals, bleaching agent or other cleaners we can match and permanently restore to the original color with extra charge.

Ties have to be gently and expertly handled. Five elements have to combine to achieve perfection. No water in the cleaning system, limited cleaning action , low heat drying and tender loving care...which we dutifully provide. Through an arrangement with TIECRAFTERS, the cleaner that only does ties, they will add their expertise and be delivered to you in a crushproof box with tissue paper. If you have a favorite tie that needs narrowing, shortening, replacement of lining or other repairs, that too, we can provide. Custom made ties, done by hand, provided on request.

Monthly billing is available for individuals, companies, building service personnel, hospitals or other groups. No problem computerized billing smoothes all transactions. Fill out application request at the end of this brochure and an application will be sent YOU... or pick one up at Our Store.

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